Presentation of the AFT

The AFT (Tailor Training Association) was created by André GUILLERME GUILSON, the chairman of the National Association of the Master Tailors of France, himself a master tailor working in Paris for some 40 years who one day noticed the total absence of any schooling to meet the profession's requirements.

For this reason, he consulted with his tailor colleagues and in 2004 decided to open a private course, which was to be based exclusively on learning basic techniques without any other form of general teaching.

In this way we provide high quality training that is focused on market needs, the objective being to train the skilled labour that is so badly lacking in a profession that still creates jobs, and do so within a minimum time-frame (2 years).

Practical information :
Student entry is via one-on-one interviews with the focus on motivation.


The goal of the curriculum is to train apprentice tailors who, upon graduation, are ready to go and work inside firms to perfect their learning.

The 1st Year teaches the techniques of creating a jacket (stitching and assembly of fabrics, pockets, lining, sleeves, etc.).
A 2nd year enables motivated students to perfect their skills and to specialize in the design of trousers (pockets, belt, assembly, hems, etc.) and the creation of a waistcoat or vest (using different stitches, pockets, gussets, button-holes…).

Those 2 years provides all the learning and information students need to pass their tailor's certificate.

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